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Ok, FreeKick Stars has been published in both platforms! Android and iOS

It is free, it is based on Star Giorgio Chiellini, it is very fun and has very very realistic motion.



Here the link:

FreeKick Stars Android

FreeKick Stars iOS




Hi guys,

Today is a nice day because i am starting my first Beta Testing using Google Open Beta Test on his App Store.

Let me invite us to join as testers if you want to make a look at my new game:


The Video Game is based in Football Star´Giorgio Chiellini´, the man who did bite to Suarez in last World Cup.



This time Giorgio has to Shoot Free Kicks trying to stay as much time possible to beat opponents.

If you think you would like to test the game around 10 minutes as maximum, just download it at:

Any feedback would be appreciated, as always.

Kind regards and keep in touch here,




It is a good moment to announce my cooperation with with a little Football game.

Click in picture bellow if you want see ( and play ) the game.


I am proud to announce that yesterday I have passed successfully the Exam to get official an Unity Developer Certificate.



This event was done at Bilbao together with AzPllay, an interesting Videogame competition for Indie developers (

I would have loved to chat with the rest of 10 attendants, they did seem to be really cool guys, but i had to leave Bilbao to Santander quite fast.


Fresh news to be added soon :)